Reference sheet / 200€+
The starting price is for a 'standard' reference sheet which includes 1 full body view, color chart and an optional close-up of eye color/shape and character information. Size starts at around A4 at 300dpi.
Additional features:

Full body view / 200€
Mirrored full body* / 150€
Bust / 80€
Outfit (simplified) / 80€
Accessory or detail / starting at 20€-50€ (depends on size and complexity)

*Mirrored full body is an additional full body view (usually back view) that uses the other full body view as a base, so the pose stays the same (may be adjusted a bit to fit in the natural perspective). See example work 2 and 3.

Complex design elements (very detailed markings, wings, clothing on full body view etc.) affect the price. The final price of each reference sheet will be considered individually in agreement with the client before I start working on anything. 
Please notice that these are not character design commissions and some kind of visual reference is needed (any kind of reference works, from individual rough sketches to photos!). Simple additions/edits to the design can be done based on a written description.
This commission type is SFW only!
This product is 100% digital and does not include a physical copy.

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