Character page / 600€+
Your character portrayed in various poses and expressions in A4 (350dpi) canvas (size is a rough estimate but won't go any smaller than that!). Includes a simple or plain background. Background elements can be added for extra cost (simple props or environment elements won't affect the price). 
The starting price (600€) includes one of the three options:
1. 3 full body views of the character
2. 2 full body views and 2 busts
3. One full body view and 4 busts
Interacting additional character adds 20%-100% to the base price based on the the number of appearances and complexity. 

Complex design elements (very detailed markings, wings, clothing on full body view etc.) affect the price. The final price of each character page will be considered individually in agreement with the client before I start working on anything. 

This product is 100% digital and does not include a physical copy.

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